US Opera is a subsidiary of Opera Consulting founded in Italy in 2003, we are a global company that offer Consultant and IT services attending the United States of America, Mexico and Latin America.

At US Opera we have over 15 years in the IT industry. All of our technicians are A+ certified and Microsoft professionals. They are capable of diagnosing any computer issue from a simple bad network card, nasty virus corrupting your systems, a server farm that is experiencing network collision, or how to prevent ransomware from corrupting your system. Our IT professionals are here to help you get the most of your IT infrastructure and software, even if is a SAP, Qlik or Microsoft, we have the capabilities and certifications to support it.

At US Opera, we treat you as the star. You know what you need to run the show, but every star needs a strong supporting crew to ensure the best performance. At US Opera, this includes the backstage crew to keep the show running, choreographers to prepare the action, and the orchestra to provide support.

The same principles apply to our IT services. Our IT team will ensure that your computers, systems, software and networks are running smoothly. Whether your needs are a simple home network setup with secure and strong Wi-Fi or a multinational company with thousands of employees who will have varying computers we will treat you with the service and professionalism you deserve.

If you are thinking in implementing a new software for your business, US Opera will do it for you, From SAP ERP, to Qiik Business intelligence or Micorsoft office, we are partners of the best software of the world.