It services

Mac and pc repair

Need IT Services for your home or business? Let US Opera come and help fix a virus or malware on your computer today. We have some of the most skilled IT technicians around. We can usually be at your doorstep within 24 hours. Contact us today.

Our It staff can assess what wrong with your Pc and Mac and provide Same day service to get it back up and running in tip top shape. All of our Technicians Are A+ plus certified and we have our 15 years’ experience in the PC industry


Clouds experts

Internet and Networking security

Whether your putting together a small home wireless network or creating a multi Vlan Switch environment our It consultants can put together a fast and reliable network to suit your needs. Also we can assess your current network as see what area need to be addressed to give you the best performance possible

Are you asking yourself what is the cloud and how can it help my business? We here at Us Opera are here to explain what the cloud is and how it can best suit you. Whether that is migrating your email to Office 365, setting up a private AWS instance in Amazon or just in general any cloud computing questions you may have

Worried about hackers getting your personal info or nefarious people corrupting your network? Well Fear not our Team of experts can recommend and implement the latest internet and network security software and hardware on your computer network to make your network data and internet traffic as safe as possible.